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About us

Global Pets World Limited is a Hong Kong registered company that is developing a unique concept in hospitality and recreation – Pets World.

In the real world, Pet World will be a collection of themed parks that cater specifically to pet lovers and pets in a fully inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. Pets World offers hotels, pet hotels with full boarding, restaurants, spas, pools and parks, complemented by veterinary health facilities and retail outlets.

In the Metaverse,Pets World will occupy prominent locations and will offer pet owners various games and opportunities to earn income, accompanied by their virtual pet friends.

Our team

Chairman & CEO

Mark Chan Yan Tak

Mark is a successful entrepreneur, CEO, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of a listed Hong Kong entity. His latest venture, operating in the health and supplements industry for pets and humans, led him to conceiving of and launching Global Pet World Holdings and the Pet World project. Mark has been in this space for over 15 years, with extensive experience in product development, brand building, marketing, advertising, and retail operations.


Rakesh Rajagopal

Rakesh boasts an accomplished career in private banking, commodities, precious metals, and gemstones with companies like Sacvinam Global and Poly Resources (part of the Chinese conglomerate), Upbest Precious Metals. In 2011 Raj was invited to join the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in the role of director of private banking. Other than operational involvement in their technology ventures, Raj owns a portfolio of mining interests with his partner, Derick Smith. In recent years he has co-founded several technology ventures, first in telecoms and more recently, blockchain technology.


Derick Smith

Derick started as a software engineer in the mid-1980s, working across a wide range of disciplines and technologies. His early ventures include one of the first point of sale solutions using cellular technology, wholesale telecoms and Mobile Virtual Network Operator implementations. He also built companies in manufacturing, commodities, and mining, retaining a portfolio of mining interests with his long-time partner, Rakesh Rajagopal. Since 2016 his focus has been on building impactful ventures in the explosive blockchain ecosystem


Martin Feuersteiner

Martin is a highly-skilled individual with focus on disruptive technology, offering over 22 years of experience representing organisations in the field of medical device and information technology. He is well known as a key leader in bridging company development and business roadmaps between Europe and Asia, building networks in key countries and establishing long-lasting and sustainable relationships. Martin has cultivated a high level of cultural sensitivity for identifying key decision makers, building vital work relationships with key opinion leaders, as well as providing superior care and management through needs assessment and meticulous follow-through.


Jan Verkade

Jan is a seasoned Dutch entrepreneur in consumer products, who has been based in Asia for over 20 years, has global exposure, and has built an extensive business network.

As a connector of people he has his roots in agriculture and has over seven years experience as a life coach.

Jan is an active investor, especially in the crypto space. Jan holds an EMBA degree from Kellogg-HKUST.